We can tell you how your loved ones are doing.

DaylaCare is an AI Care Manager that connects older adults with their family and caregivers, supporting aging in place with daily check-ins to monitor health and safety.

Just Answer A Phone

No apps or complicated systems. Your loved ones simply answer a phone call to talk with DaylaCare

Build Healthy Habits

Daily checks help reinforce better lifestyles. Everything is easier to do when you aren't trying accomplish it alone.

Discover Changes

Most major problems don’t happen overnight, signs can give your healthcare provider clues earlier.

Artificial Intelligence

DaylaCare uses artificial intelligence to ask better questions and keep track of conditions or worries.


Designed for You
DaylaCare doesn't replace caregivers, it supplements your existing care plan and helps keep everyone in the loop.


Validated Questions
The questions we ask are from validated questionnaires, chosen to help you understand health conditions.


Always Available
DaylaCare can be accessed at any time, doesn't require sleep and is highly responsive to the needs of elders.

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