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DaylaCare is a team that is passionate about helping the elderly live better by building healthy habits and staying connected to their carers and loved ones. Our goal is to provide simple yet effective solutions to caregivers and elders – whilst keeping all the technical stuff working away in the background.

Our global team includes specialists in health care management, technology experts and those with a proven track record in successfully delivering customer centric innovations. We use machine learning to train our systems to ask better questions over time by adapting language, question order, and frequency to make sure we get the most useful information. As our system grows and we keep learning, we will be able to only ask highly answerable questions to each elder, reducing fatigue and improving the odds that the good habits will continue.

On the caregiver side, we can present effective and usable dashboards that highlight problems and showcase positive trends. If we detect repeated, progressive issues that are not likely to go away without intervention, DaylaCare will make recommendations to contact the appropriate professional organizations.

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