Common Questions

How long does a checkup take using DaylaCare?

Typically, less than 3 minutes. It might take longer if your patient has five or more conditions to track or when we need to ask additional questions on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

What happens with my patient’s responses once they have been recorded?

The voice responses from your patient goes into our web application for you to view at any time. Our web application shows a full history of patient responses along with dashboards and charts so you can view trends and progress over time. Once a checkup is complete, you receive a text message immediately with the patient’s responses and any concerns highlighted.

How do you ensure that my patient’s data is secure?

Using leading encryption technologies, we securely store all data. We also have very strict IT and data privacy policies that we adhere to within our team to prevent data leakage and violations.

Can my patient share their information with their doctor if they need to?

Yes, it is their data, and they are in control of it.

What health conditions can I monitor for my patient?

You can see what conditions we track and read a bit more about what they cover here.

What happens if my patient does not call DaylaCare?

We will call them. Your patient should do their daily checkup with DaylaCare once they have had their last meal for the day. If they do not call DaylaCare we make an outbound call to them to see how they are doing. If there is no answer from your patient, we send you a text message saying that your patient has not done their checkup today.

How does DaylaCare make my life easier as a carer?

By asking your patient daily questions that are important to their health and providing you with better information to make better choices about your patient’s mental and physical health.

What benefits does DaylaCare have for my patient?

By asking them questions a caregiver would ask them. And then recording those responses like a caregiver would and like how a long-term caregiver would get to know your patient better with time, so will DaylaCare. We use machine learning and data science to continually improve our service and ask more specific questions about your patient’s conditions. We track all responses to provide you with up-to-date information and key insights so that you can look after them better by knowing them better and staying connected.

What happens if my patient does not finish or misses a checkup?

If your patient cannot finish their checkup, when they call back DaylaCare that same day, they can continue with that same checkup, or even start again if they want to change any answers. If they miss their checkup, we will record this as a missed daily checkup which will show on your patient dashboard. We do, however, make an outbound call to the patient at 8pm local time if they have not already done their checkup that day.

Does using DaylaCare mean I am not needed as a carer?

Not at all. DaylaCare is for you, the caregiver, and your patient, the elderly. Using DaylaCare will allow you to be closer to your patient by having more information about their conditions so that you can make better choices about their care.

Should a doctor be called if I or my patient are worried about something?

Yes, absolutely. DaylaCare is not a professional medical advice system or service and you should always speak to your doctor, nurse or other healthcare professional for medical advice, or call an ambulance in case of an emergency.

How does DaylaCare use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ask my patient’s questions about their health?

DaylaCare asks questions designed and validated by medical professionals. The primary questions and the follow up questions, depending on what your patient says, replicates a human experience to make the checkup feel natural. We also use machine learning to understand your patient responses over time to create more specific and highly answerable questions.

Is DaylaCare HIPAA compliant?

Our service is a patient-facing solution that helps elders record their own health information and the data we collect and process does not fall under HIPAA regulation. We do, however, abide by HIPAA security principles to safeguard all data. Where we do involve healthcare providers, we ensure that they are fully HIPAA compliant as a result.

What device do I need to use DaylaCare?

A mobile phone, or even a landline telephone – provided you always call in from the same registered number. You can also use a smart device provided its configured to your account, and our own DaylaCare speaker.

How many patients can I add to my account?

Up to 9 patients. If you want more than this, please contact us to discuss enterprise pricing at contact@daylacare.com

Do I have to be at home to use DaylaCare?

No, you do not. Your patients can do their daily checkup from anywhere provided they use their mobile phone. This means they can stay with you or another family or friend and still continue their good habit of checking in.

Which countries does DaylaCare work in?

All of them. Your patients can do their daily checkups in any location around the world provided they use their registered mobile phone, or a smart device logged into their account.

*Note: Your mobile phone network provider may charge you for international calling.

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