How It Works

Accessible AI for Caregiving

DaylaCare is incredibly easy to use. Our mission is to make life better for the elderly and their caregivers by helping them stay connected with their family and loved ones. Our solution works with just a phone (and we mean any phone), or if you want, a smart device such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home. By keeping our user experience super simple and highly effective it also means our solution is affordable for anyone.  

The conditions we track are based on validated questionnaires and our Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine uses machine learning to ask more relevant and progressive questions over time. We also work with experienced medical professionals to develop, review and improve our solution so that caregivers are better supported, and patients continue to benefit from building healthy habits.

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Keep up to date on chronic conditions

DaylaCare tracks conditions like heart disease, diabetes, pain, well-being and many more. Any changes in condition are tagged and texted to your phone on a daily basis.