The Need for Remote Caregiving

Remote Caregiving

Remote caregiving is the future… and to a large extent – the present too. Many of us lead lives hundreds or thousands of miles away from our parents or loved ones. Furthermore, situations like COVID-19 have made it even more urgent to keep distance, often making remote caregiving the only safe option.

Despite the circumstances, we want to communicate with our loved ones, ensure they are healthy and have preventative mechanisms in place if anything unfortunate (such as a fall) did occur.

So here are some ways we can achieve remote caregiving, the answer to which we believe is technology.

Fall Detection

Falls are the most common cause of injury in the elderly population. Around 1/3 of the elderly fall at least once per year in the US, resulting in over 2 million visits to the emergency room. This is why a fall detection device can save literally save lives.

Some of the best solutions out there are:

Best Overall

1. Bay Alarm Medical
With just a push of a button, Bay Alarm Medical’s trained 24/7 emergency operators will be there to contact family, friends, neighbors and if necessary, your local 911 emergency services.
Cost: $19.95/mo.

Most advanced

2. Philips Lifeline GoSafe 2
This single piece system includes multiple, advanced locating technologies, fall detection capabilities, and two-way voice communication all in a light, comfortable, easy-to-wear pendant.
Cost: $49.95 /month * Plus one-time $99.95 device fee

Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Monitoring

An essential areas of health monitoring for elderly patients.

Best Overall

QardioArm Blood Pressure Monitor
Cost: $80 (Amazon)

Lowest Cost

Everlast TR10
Price: $30 (Walmart, Amazon)

Response Monitoring

Response monitoring is tracking a patient’s health simply through their responses to verified medical and non-medical questions.

Best Overall

DaylaCare is the innovator in the field. They allow you to select health areas to track. Their AI then generates relevant questions specific to your patient which they can answer using their Google Home, providing you with up-to-date information and health insights.
Cost: $0 (free)

Video Monitoring

In some of the more severe cases, it always helps to keep an eye out on your loved one. After all, that’s the most certain way to check on them and ensure they are well. This method consists of installing regular security cameras.

This concludes our list of remote caregiving tools. We hope you have found it useful and if you do – share it with someone who might benefit from it too!

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