How to transform caregiving for elders using AI

Ask anyone who is providing care to elders what they believe the number one challenge is and you’ll usually get the same answer: Availability. Around the world, there are simply too few caregivers for far too many people who need care. In the United States the problem is severe, with assisted living facilities commonly having a ratio of 23 residents to a single professional caregiver (US Department of Health and Human Services

Often, the need for medical assistance is not immediate. Instead, it presents as an ongoing medical condition that requires diligent habits and close observation for any changes. Chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and sleep disorders are best treated over a long period of time by incorporating lifestyle changes and adhering to professional medical advice.

DaylaCare is designed to support the care of elders with these types of chronic conditions. is a system that uses smart assistants like Google or Alexa to collect information from elders on a daily basis and forward answers on to family members, loved ones, and caregivers. If an answer is negative, such as when asked “How are you feeling today” and an elder responds with, “Terrible!”, will flag this in the daily text message sent to the designated member of the care team. can also alert the care team about changes to the elder’s condition.

We have made simple to use, so the elder never needs to learn how to use a complicated app or learn new technology. Once DaylaCare  is set up, the elder just talks to a smart device or cell phone once a day. The caregiver just has to read a text message and follow up on any concerning answers. The caregiver can use the pre-selected questions for each condition that are pulled from validated questionnaires or you can write to us to provide your own questions tailored to your loved one.

The value provided by DaylaCare  is both – availability and low cost. As DaylaCare  is an AI service, it is always ready to answer questions. It will not miss a day and won’t get frustrated if asked to repeat something or say it louder. It does not replace caregiving, but it can give you a valuable check-in and update you on your loved one’s condition. This should go a long way toward helping you stay on top of any ongoing conditions and any changes to conditions.

DaylaCare is available at a low cost and the DaylaCare basic service is planned to be a free service. The cost to hire a professional caregiver that will perform this type of service can be thousands of dollars a month. The alternative often results in a family member spending many hours to address progressive caregiving needs.

Our goal is to create a new way to routinely check-in on loved ones and share this information with family and other members of the elder’s care team. Lifespans are getting longer, which is great, but the problems we have to handle, as a result of this, are getting more complex. DaylaCare works to provide supportive tools and resources necessary to support elder’s ability to stay in their home as long as possible.

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